How Secure Micr Check Printers Protect Valuable Information And Prevent Fraud

Data and Access Protection Afforded by Secure MICR Check Printers

For check-printing applications such as counter checks or official items, the majority of banks in the U’S’ still use pre-printed checks and a dot matrix printer, typewriter or check writer’ The “security” surrounding these pre-printed checks usually involves storage under lock-and-key, with Tellers signing for their daily allotment’ At the end of the day, unused checks that have been pre-printed must be reconciled as part of the process of securing them, and re-stored under lock-and-key’

Secure MICR Check Printers: Prevent Fraud and Protect Information

A secure MICR check printing solution allows bank staff to print checks on-demand using blank check stock’ There is simply no need for pre-printed checks because all static data, variable data, logos, secure fonts, signatures, graphics and MICR lines are printed in a single printer pass’ That means there is no need to “secure” a stack of paper as is required with checks that have been pre-printed Iqama @ Prosaudia

By deploying secure printers, banks eliminate the need for pre-printed checks’ Just by removing previously printed checks from the process prevents check fraud because the blank stock in a secure MICR solution is “useless” until it’s printed on’ This means check pilfering, forgery and check alteration using pre-printed checks is eliminated’

Securing Access to Information

In addition to eliminating the checks that are pre-printed, secure MICR printers incorporate access control, so only those who are authorized to print checks have the necessary access to secure fonts, user-specific signatures and other data sources’ Password Protection requires a user-entered password at the computer level while an additional Front Panel Security Lock feature means the user must also enter an 8-digit combination at the printer level before the check will print’

Set Copies to One and Auto Jam Recovery Disable are both secure printer settings that prevent multiple copies of a check from being printed, protecting customer information and preventing fraud’ Five different secure fonts are included not only to meet Federal Reserve requirements, but also to make it very difficult to alter the amount field of a check due to the complexity of the font design’ Finally, DES Encryption/Decryption ensures that the data stream is fully encrypted as it travels to the printer, where it is decrypted just before it’s printed’

According to AFP’s 2014 Payments Fraud Survey, a whopping 82% of participants reported that checks were the primary sasaran for fraud attacks at their companies’ Check fraud is still a big persoalan for banks, and physically securing pre-printed checks to combat the persoalan is expensive and inefficient’ A secure MICR check printing solution effectively protects banks by securing not only the data, but also the check-printing process from beginning to end’