Slot Machine Symbols


Slot machines are casino games that accept paper tickets or cash as payment. When you insert cash into a slot machine, a lever or button will activate the reels, spinning them in random directions until a winning combination is formed. The machine then awards credits according to its paytable. The symbols used on slot machines vary according to their theme, but classic symbols may include fruits, bells, and stylized lucky sevens. Bonus features are also commonly aligned with the theme of the game.

Modern slot machine design

The modern slot machine originated in a Brooklyn bar in 1891. These machines were simple, three-reel, spin-to-win machines with coins inserted in slots and symbols spanning the reels. The payout was the highest when three bell symbols matched, and it was difficult to make an automatic winning bet. The Liberty Bell machine was created by Bavarian-born San Franciscan Charles Fey and had three spinning reels with fruit symbols and a coin chute.

Payback percentage

Payback percentage of slot machines varies considerably from casino to casino. Generally, a slot machine will pay back between 70% and 90%. Some machines pay back even more than this, so be aware of the variations in payback rates. In general, land-based casinos use these figures to attract customers and entice them to play their games. However, players should note that these statistics are only indicative and do not reflect the actual performance of individual machines.


Themes for slot machines are a great way to give players a unique experience when playing slots. These unique themes are often inspired by popular stories and topics, making them more appealing to players. Many popular horror films have inspired slot themes, which draw in many fans. Whether a player is looking for a classic Halloween theme or a modern, edgy take on classic slot machines, there’s a theme for everyone.


There are many types of slot symbols. Low-value symbols, which pay out when three or more of the same symbols appear on a winning line, are among the most common. Modern slots are generally represented by playing-card icons, representing the four suit cards, while retro games feature fruit symbols. Symbols can be grouped together in clusters, which can give players a chance to win larger prizes. Below are some examples of common slot symbols.